Monday 11 June 2012

June 11, 2012 - London Sweet London

It's Monday night here in London. Tomorrow is my last full day in England and then Wednesday morning I fly back home to Toronto. I cannot express my gratitude to all those who made my visit here a tremendous experience. We have had some seriously good eats here. 

Since my last entry I've had the privilege of sampling some local fares such as the standard fish and chips with mashed peas. I've also had some international cuisine that London's multicultural community has to offer. Yesterday we walked around the shops in Camden Market and sampled fried falafel, Thai spicy chicken, Turkish wrap hors d'oeuvres, among other tasty treats. I got to meet the parents of my cousin's boyfriend with whom we enjoyed a fantastic Italian meal at a restaurant called Incanto in Harrow on the Hill. I enjoyed a fresh salmon nicoise salad at a great little cafe in Little Venice called Baker & Spice for brunch. Just across the street and a few doors down in Little Venice I also had a delicious spinach and feta frittata at Raoul's for breakfast. Last Saturday night we were lucky to score a table at the bustling Aladin restaurant on Brick Lane for some spicy and exotic late night Indian food. Just tonight we returned to Camden Lock for sushi at the peculiarly named Hi Sushi Salsa but were simply blown away by the quality of the dishes they served. These are only some examples that come to mind of all the great dining experiences here.

For those of you thinking, 'I thought this was a cooking blog not an eating out blog', may I remind you that I am on vacation! Not to fret, we did cook up a storm during my stay as well. Saturday morning we made our way down to Borough Market and had the time of our lives. We've been enjoying cheese and bread platters with our purchases at the market along with a mouth watering variety of olives and biltong (an African style of beef jerky). One of my hosts prepared ground turkey and ground beef hamburger patties, impregnated with the fire of Scotch Bonnet peppers, dusted with flour, fried on each side until crisp and then baked until just cooked through but juicy and moist. My hosts seemed to be quite pleased with a fresh and summery ceviche I prepared this passed weekend with a fillet of fresh halibut that I bought at Borough Market (the recipe I will share in an upcoming post).

In about 48 hours or so my plane is scheduled to be arriving back in Canada. Once settled I have so many pictures and stories to share on this blog. Trust me, you do not want to miss them. I can't wait to upload those pictures on my computer at home to show you all.

Until then, keep living your lives to the fullest and above all be happy, bold, daring, and well fed.

Much love... and eat all your vegetables.


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