Sunday 17 June 2012

London Restaurant Highlight- Hi Sushi Salsa

On my second last night in London I wanted to thank my hosts for letting me stay with a sushi dinner. Sushi, oddly enough, is one of my absolute favourite foods but I've never tried to make it. So, of course, this meant an excursion to a restaurant instead. It was suggested that we try a place near Camden Market called 'Hi Sushi Salsa'. I don't quite understand the name of the place since salsa did not seem to appear anywhere on the menu and they played soft clarinet jazz... but in its own way I suppose it's kind of endearing. Whether or not the origin of the restaurant name was certain, the quality of the food was!

They have some seriously creative and talented kitchen staff. Every dish that came to our table was not only delicious but remarkable in appearance. I took the liberty of taking a few pictures so you can get the idea. We ordered a prawn starter, a selection of fresh sashimi, three specialty rolls, and a couple of standard makimono. Scroll down and feast your eyes. If you're in London and you get the chance, you might just want to check it out for yourselves! Here's the web-site,

From left: me, my cousin's boyfriend Stephen, my spectacular cousin Meg, and our charming friend Luke.

Sunken Table Motif

Creamy Wasabi Prawns

Hip Hop Roll (crab meat, avocado wrapped with Tataki salmon and fried garlic)

Sashimi Matsu (chef's selection of daily market fish)

Cha Cha Roll (crispy duck with salad and cucumber)

Crispy Salmon Skin and Spicy Tuna Makimono

Dragon Roll (jumbo prawn, asparagus, avocado)

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