Monday 13 August 2012

August 13, 2012 - Bad Beef

I usually buy my groceries at markets and the butcher shop in my neighbourhood. Because of an annual Greek festival on my street this passed weekend I had to go to grocery chain, Loblaws, for my groceries this week. I saw this poster in the meat section. My phone was charging at home at the time so I made a point to go back today to take a photo and share this with you. 

This ad insults the intelligence of any customer who knows about food. Cows eat GRASS, not corn. Corn provides the same nutritional value to cows as it does to us (not much- starch and sugar). Corn is fed to animals in factory farms where animals are kept unhealthy for the benefit of mass production and financial gain. What this poster is saying is "We sell the meat of unhealthy, fattened cows who are brought up in factories with poor living conditions and we have no conscience about it". Advertising corn fed beef is just as uneducated and irresponsible as indicating aspartame on a product as a positive selling point. We know better now. Buy your meat from reputable butchers!!!

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