Saturday 11 May 2013

Off to Trinidad & Tobago

What's up, everybody? I'm so excited. Tonight my best friend and I are boarding a direct flight to Port of Spain, Trinidad where we will spend a whole week. We're also making room for a day trip to its neighbouring island, Tobago. We've been looking forward to this adventure for months! Last year I took a trip to London, England and posted several experiences while I was away. I doubt I'll have many opportunities to do so on this trip so the blog will be quiet for a little while. Rest assured that when I'm back I'll share lots of stories and photos of my culinary experiences from my trip.

Trinidad & Tobago are situated just off the coast of Venezuela and are the most Southern islands in the Caribbean. The people are made up of Indian, African, Chinese, Native, European and mixed descents, making it very diverse. As a result, their food is a fusion of all these cultures. There are a few different specialties Trinidad & Tobago are known for that I can't wait to try. Most of which I have sampled here in Canada (Toronto has a large Caribbean community), but something tells me the authentic experience will be something not to be missed. Trinidad is famous for curries, roti, doubles, chutney, stews, street food, macaroni pie, barbecue, callaloo and a sandwich called 'shark & bake' which is breaded shark fillet served on a fried bread they call bake, then topped with anything you like. The meat is not from large, endangered sharks, but a species much smaller and common to the area. These are only a few examples of what I can expect there. It's going to be divine!

Trinidad is the birthplace of calypso, soca, the steelpan, limbo and their largest annual festival, Carnival. So aside from their food they will have lots of other cultural experiences to have.   

Until we see each other again, be well, be creative and be healthy. 

Stay tuned for all the Trini updates!


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