Thursday 26 September 2013

Saucy September!

The blog has been so neglected this passed summer so for the comeback I wanted to share something really useful with you guys. Instead of giving you one recipe for something fantastic, I've decided to share 5 terrific sauce techniques. Your ability to master sauces will completely change the way you can cook. So just before September wraps up, I have put together the long awaited "Saucy September" post!

There was a famed French chef and restauranteur named Auguste Escoffier who coined and codified the "Five Mother Sauces of Classic French Cuisine". Those sauces are the Béchamel, the Velouté, the Hollandaise, Tomato Sauce and the Espagnole. All of which can be adapted and derived into thousands of other sauce possibilities. I am going to show you how to make 4 of those 5 sauces. I've decided to leave out the espagnole and instead go into vinaigrettes. No disrecpect to Monsieur Escoffier or the integrity of the espagnole, I just don't find it as useful for the modern home cook as the vinaigrette. 

Just so you're aware, a sauce espagnole is a dark brown sauce typically served with meat. You make a very dark brown roux with butter and flour and add veal stock. Meat, bones, a mirepoix (onion, celery, carrot) and various seasonings are also added then the sauce simmers for a length of time while impurities are occasionally skimmed from the top. After a while, tomato paste is added and then the sauce is further reduced.

There is no argument to deny that sauce espagnole is delicious and can be made into many other derivative sauces. It's just a lot of work and doesn't make much sense to make unless you are catering an event or cooking for a restaurant. So vinaigrette it shall be instead.

I hope you enjoy how to make these five versatile, delicious and outstanding French sauces that will completely transform your culinary ability.

With no further delays, I present to you:

The Hollandaise
The Vinaigrette
Tomato Sauce
The Velouté

& The Béchamel...

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