Wednesday 30 April 2014

Congratulations, Eric: Canada's First MasterChef

Photo from the MasterChef Canada Facebook page

It is official. The MasterChef Canada season finale came down to Marida Mohammed and Eric Chong each creating a three course meal to compete for the title of Canada's first ever MasterChef. For the appetizers, Marida made a callaloo and pumpkin soup with salted pig tail while Eric made a crispy pork belly and Chinese dumpling dish. Though the judges seemed to enjoy both dishes overall, Eric narrowly lost the round over a dry piece of pork belly. For the entrée course, Marida made a black cod with pigeon pea purée while Eric prepared a stir fried noodle dish with poached lobster. Again, the judges seemed to be pleased with both dishes but Marida was given a penalty for what was deemed an inadequate serving of cod and so it appeared that she lost that round. In the final dessert round, Marida did a play on apple crumble with coconut ice cream while Eric prepared two ice creams (green tea and red been) with banana tempura. After trying both dishes the judges deliberated and ultimately, Eric was deemed the victor and given the title of MasterChef Canada. Eric has won $100,000.00, a handsome trophy and the right to call himself Canada's first MasterChef.

A big congratulations to Eric for being the champion and I wish him a very successful future. If you're no stranger to the blog then you know that Marida and I have become good friends since the show. I would like to take a moment to congratulate Marida for all of her efforts and for making it so far in such an intense competition. She had a very valiant and respectable journey throughout the competition and she certainly deserves credit for a game well played. I'd like to extend my wishes of success and fortune to her as well.

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Well guys, that's the end of season 1! What an incredible journey it has been. Preparations are already underway to produce a second season and as promised I will be applying to compete again. Wish me luck!

Stay tuned for much more coming on the blog very soon.


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