Sunday 6 March 2016

Simple Spicy Pickles Trick

Life hack for those who love spicy food:

Get a jar of garlic-dill pickles. Remove 2-3 of them and add pieces of chili pepper. Tightly seal, shake and refrigerate. After one week they're great, after two weeks they're amazing! Takes a little patience but it's easy and worth the wait. I've tried dried habaneros, dried red chilies, fresh jalapeƱos and now I'm trying fresh scotch bonnets. They all work! You can use anything you like.

Once you're finished your pickles you can retrieve the pickled chilies and mince them up very fine. Then you can use them in sauces and marinades. I've tried them mixed into a little mayo and the result was very tasty. 

I do this trick all the time now. Try it for yourself and enjoy!

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