Monday 5 November 2012

November 05, 2012 - Tapas Potluck

Last Saturday I met up with my friends John and Jorge. I hadn't seen either of them in about three years. It was so nice to catch up. They are two of the first friends I made when I moved to Toronto in 2007. Jorge hosted the event in his stupendous apartment in Cabbagetown. We got to catching up about our lives, work and most importantly Jorge's new engagement! We decided to have a tapas-style potluck and each brought something to share. Jorge made coleslaw and braised ribs, John fried up some potato/salmon cakes, and I made ceviche and brought tortilla chips for scooping. 

In June of this year I shared a recipe for a halibut ceviche that I made for my hosts in London. This ceviche is similar in preparation. I bought eight fresh shrimps and six scallops from the fish monger on my street. I chopped those up and let them sit in the juice of two limes and one lemon (including their zest) for about an hour or so in the fridge. The acid denatures the fish and cooks it without any heat. The end result is fresh, citrusy and delicious. Then I diced up some tomatoes, red onion, seeded jalepeƱos, pineapple and cilantro. Then I drained the seafood and tossed it together with my diced fruit and veg. Then all it needed was a little salt and pepper and it was ready. It was a big hit. Ceviche is a ridiculously easy, fail-proof party pleaser. 

I hope you enjoyed this little excerpt of my weekend. Try some ceviche of your own when you can. It's cheap, nutritious, easy, versatile and a great way to experience a little bit of summer any time of the year. Cucumber, celery, avocado and all kinds of other ingredients also work great in ceviche. 

Be happy and stay fed,


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