Monday 5 November 2012

Toronto Resto Recommendation

Sushi Marché - Queen East/Leslieville (with another location at 82 Laird Dr, just south of Eglinton East) 

Last night I was spending time with my beautiful friend and neighbour, Michelle. We both had a hankering for sushi (as if there's ever a time when we don't) and she recommended this place. I'd never tried it, and am a sushi fanatic, so I was up for it. It was tremendous! We placed our order and had it delivered. So this review is only going to be about the food, as I've not been to either location. I can't wait to go though!

So let's jump right into the food review. We ordered a Sushi Marché Dinner Special (pictured) which included 6 pieces of nigiri sushi, 10 pieces of fresh sashimi and Kamikaze roll (though you can choose a California roll if you'd prefer). We also shared a Negi Hamachi roll (yellowtail and green onion wrapped in steamed rice and nori), miso soup and salad. 

I was very impressed. Succulent, fresh cuts of chef's choice fish, clean and mildly fragrant steamed rice, refreshing vegetables, perfectly seasoned miso soup and everything was a work of art. In the very middle of the dinner special was a flower cup made from an English cucumber that presented slices of scallop sashimi crowned with Japanese mayo and pearly roe. I would absolutely eat from this place again. 

I was also just taking a look at the web-site and was enticed by an unusual offering this restaurant has: Sushi Lessons! For a fee of $200 for yourself (or $350 total as a couple) you can take a five hour Sunday class at the Queen East location. The class covers four sections: Rice, Cucumber/Avocado prep, Basic Rolls and Preparing for Easy Weekday Meals. You get to take home everything that you make in the class which has a menu value of about $200 and is enough to feed 6-8 people. I just might have to take one of these classes one of these days. In June of this year, I shared a restaurant experience for sushi dining that I had in London. I mentioned how much I loved sushi but had never learned how to make it. Could this be a sign!? Also, if you know somebody who's creative, loves sushi and lives in the Toronto area... this class could be a great holiday gift idea!

If you have the opportunity please check this place out. I was so pleased. You will be too.

Be happy and stay fed,


Check out their web-site!! 

1105 Queen Street East  Toronto, ON M4M 1K7
(416) 463-0114

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