Tuesday 16 July 2013

Family Matters

Exciting update! If you're a regular to the blog you'll likely recall half a year ago some family members and friends staged a Mystery Ingredient Challenge for my aunt and I. Every one (aside from the cooks) chose an ingredient, unaware of what others chose, and submitted it to a list. Then, my aunt and I were presented with the list and given 5 minutes to come up with a three course meal using all of the ingredients. We can add anything else that we want but must incorporate all of the mystery ingredients to the meal. It was a lot of fun and turned out really well. Be sure to read the post if you missed it.

Anyway, it was so successful that we decided to make it a semi-annual event. We're embarking on the second edition this weekend at our cottage. Mystery Ingredient challenge with summer sun (hopefully) and the beach. I can't wait! 

I'll be sure to share the whole experience and photos next week. Just wanted to give you all the heads up!

Until next time,

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