Thursday 13 March 2014

Big Tings a Gwan!

Hey guys, I am very excited for this weekend because some family members and I are embarking on another semi-annual Mystery Ingredient Challenge. Our intention is to have one every winter and every summer. We meant to have our winter one last month but schedule conflicts made us postpone until this weekend. If you're no stranger to the blog then you will already be familiar with these. If not, allow me to break it down for you.

My aunt, who is a remarkable foodie, and myself create a menu and cook an appetizer, main and dessert for some of our family and friends. Each person participating (with the exception of my aunt and myself) choose one secret ingredient. No one else knows what the other has selected. My aunt and I are then presented with all of the ingredients and we have ten minutes to come up with the three course menu using all of the ingredients that were submitted. We can add whatever else we want but we must incorporate all of the submitted ingredients in at least one of the three courses. It's a lot of fun. We end up with some pretty creative dishes and have had to work with some curve balls but so far nothing has stumped us. 

This will be our third mystery ingredient challenge. Be sure to check out the result of our first two events:

It's going to be awesome. Be sure to tune in next week to check out the ingredients we were assigned and what we came up with. This is our first event since my MasterChef Canada experience so I have a lot to prove. Everybody at the end of the meal always seem to say, "That was great but we made it too easy for them. Next time we need to make it harder for them". They are welcome to try as they might but they also have to keep in mind that they have to eat whatever we make. lol! So it can't be too crazy. If I may say so, I have one of if not the most adventurous palettes of the bunch of us so I'm pretty game for whatever they throw at us.

Wish me luck and see yo next week!


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